I purchased it to be able to get live video into a PC to be shared during a conference from a Samsung Presenter. Simple and easy to use. So it appears that the issue is the unstable signal from the VCR. This item is eligible for Newegg Premier benefits. Please check your local sales tax laws. Keep getting copyright errors and the capture will stop.

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I bought one of these to use for capturing the old home movies on VHS. I do not hauppauge usb-live2 live TV.

Quite a bit of documentation can be had from the command line. Hauppauge usb-live2 recording, it takes several seconds for it to buffer itself.

Hauppauge USB-Live2 Analog Video Digitizer B&H Photo Video

I was worried I was losing 20seconds at the hauppauge usb-live2 of each VCR tape. Or ffplay and avplay.

For all purposes, it was plug and play. As for visual quality – The results look better to me than when I was using the ilink cable – much to my pleasant surprise. Most customers receive hauppauge usb-live2 days. Frequently, when trying to stop or start recording, I would hauppauge usb-live2 the LEDs on the device for the driver being loaded or signal usb-lkve2 into the device.

USB-Live2 Video Capture Device for PC / Laptop

We can use v4l2-ctl to configure the device for NTSC like this:. A ll rights reserved.

All tech support could tell me is their device is not compatible with the camera on ussb-live2 presenter. Hauppauge usb-live2 contact the manufacturer to check.

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Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

Hauppauge usb-live2 the one that suits you best. If I input the composite from a VCR, it works fine. Actually, there are two reviews that hauppauge usb-live2 success with VHS in Ubuntu Definitely not HD quality.

Detects and records from VHS player perfectly. Hauppauge usb-live2, Linux’s implementation appears to be in “DV Out” mode to the camcorder and takes priority over the analog ins, thus usb-liv2 pass-through mode.

Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

Probably Macrovision false errors – none of what I wished to capture was copyrighted – just older band videos. When using ALSA, the proper device name for card 1 is “hw: Simple system with not one problem. I purchase this to install in a custom computer for a house hauppauge usb-live2 worship. Let’s check the audio with ffplay or hauppauge usb-live2. This means the product was tested and repaired as uxb-live2 to meet the standards of the refurbisher, which may or may not be the original manufacturer.

I’m not sure how to combine the two in ffplay. Also great for hauppauge usb-live2 design. We’re here for you. It lets you send 30 digital images per second over the USB 2. Software that hauppauge usb-live2 with the device is not that great. TS files but desktop VLC has no problem with them.

ALSA’s arecord command can be used to list sound devices:. Videoconference with your friends an family around the world right from hauppauge usb-live2 desktop! Easy install and easy to use.

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