Did you mean that the AC adapter plug has a bigger diameter then the hole in the laptop? Cjones, Enter the power management utility. I assembled everything and switched the laptop on, but the temperature is about the same as before. Change it to the internal LCD screen. Any help here would be appreciated.

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I believe it should be in the range, correct? Push it to the right to remove it?

First try, I got full display on its laptop screen, but for a split second. AS5 needs some time to perform optimally, so maybe it is due to this?

I have a AS model and I had the same problem described toshiba satellite m45-s355 laptop is on for mins and turns off without warning.

help! my keyboard does french È instead of question marks

I have no idea who makes this system board. Thank you for the info on the motherboard. What are your symptoms? Thanks for the A75 disassembly guide. If all three lights are green, it means your battery should charge and is recognized by the motherboard.

It has built in on board, its a 4 chips on it. Just do this once a month. Iit had a tiny bit of lint, but really not very much lint in there — certainly not enough to completely cover the grating anywhere. Take it to a Toshiba service center and let them to fix your toshiba satellite m45-s355.

I have a S european model I think that crashed every day when I used ISDN -every time I logged on it would soon crash — but has been fine for months since I got broadband.

Here are a couple guesses. I tried to find answer how to solve the problem with my Toshiba Satellite S notebook. When you hold down Fn and tap on F5 one time, you might get a menu that shows where the laptop outputs video I get this menu on my Satellite A laptop. It was under warrenty then and I could have told them to replace the fan for good measure.

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Cjones, Toshiba satellite m45-s355 the power management utility. Regarding my Satellite MS, yes, it shows the Windows Xp image when starts booting, but nothing else, not toshiba satellite m45-s355 a dime image of the desktop after a toshiba satellite m45-s355 of seconds had passed. Would I be better served just wiping the hard drive clean and hoping that the computer will somehow run long enough to let me reinstall Windows?

So what can I try to do?? The first time the computer overheated, the fans were on toshiba satellite m45-s355 blast for a while. Some times it boots on the first try.

I do have a Toshiba Satellite MS The solution of using canned air toshbia blow out toshiba satellite m45-s355 dust worked like a charm.

My fans makes grinding sounds when I sqtellite my power to full power such as processor speed and brightness but it goes away if I put everything on low, I can also feel the air coming out from the bottom and the fans are loud.

Will it still work? Let me ad one little detail.

And Do you know the Toshiba satellite m45-s355 Satellite AS part number for the lcd because I searched for lcds and they have many different part numbers. I followed the pictures, but am I missing something, a movement or button to get the motherboard detached from the black plastic bottom? I read about the plug coming apart from the motherboard and re-sodering it there can fix toshiba satellite m45-s355 problem.

I know the wire has to be thin, but I think that it is made.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

When you turn on the laptop, does the fan start spinning? This adapter has the same output 19V I hope a 5 spot will due for a donation until I get paid. When it hits around 82C, the PC shuts down. To replace thermal compound on Toshiba satellite m45-s355 Satellite A75 you have to take apart laptop completely and it will void the warranty.

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Overtime, the wires inside the adapter power cord can break. If both fans spin and they are not noisy, wait with the replacement, try cleaning the heatsink first. If you are interested in selling your damaged screen let me know. The Setup screen will appear. I dont know if you have ever heard of this it sounds strange to me because I would assume m45-w355 part numbers would be the same.

I have a TE and I have this overheating sarellite too. The machine would stall after some h of work. Hi Cj I am trouble removing some screws Toshiba satellite m45-s355 think they are on so tight and I toshiba satellite m45-s355 I messed up the screw top part and I dont know how to take satellote off, Is there any way Toshiba satellite m45-s355 can remove the screw?

I called Toshiba, and their not so helpful tech stated that hoshiba to his specs, Toshiba uses pink silicon grease, not a thermal pad. Remove the wireless card and run the laptop toshiba satellite m45-s355 the wi-fi card installed.

If you do not hear the grinding sound, most likely the HDD is bad and you have to replace it. So people its not that hard, just take care and label each screw you take out!

Can you see if both fans spin? Hi Joe, Sateplite have never toshiba satellite m45-s355 this problem before, not a clue.

help! my keyboard does french È instead of question – Hardware | DaniWeb

I did not bother putting any coz I thought it satellige just dust. Keep toshiba satellite m45-s355 the good works!! I got this laptop A70 Satellite for a year already. Thank you so much, especially for the instruction for dismantling A

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