If I hook the computer to an external monitor, it works fine. I did get a new inverter FRU 26P on ebay. I am working on one of these laptops for a friend. It had picture but just very dull. Can you see a very faint image on the new LCD screen?

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The repair looked simple, so I ordered the part. Do you know what gateway mt3705 going to happen? Can I measure anywhere on the mainboard if the inverter gets this signal?

Gateway Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Try tapping on the lid close switch and see if the backlight flashes when you do that. Gateway mt3705 notebook has 3 screws on each side.

However, this number does not exist anywhere on google. It never lit up. Here are some LCD screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board:. I called gateway mt3705 company that gateway mt3705 me the screen and they suspected it might be the inverter and sent me a new one. I read this repair help a week or so ago and mt37055 that the inverter was the problem.

Thank you sooooooooooooo much RE: Could it be a faulty backlight? Great sales technique… Dont waste your time with impact. Must have been a bad soldering job to begin with. I am using an external monitor from my desktop right now and I see the picture great. I want to how to do it. Gateway mt3705 upper half of the screen is fine! Did you check out the motherboard for any visible gateway mt3705 spill damage?

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Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

After you download your new gateway mt3705, then you have to install it. If I leave the computer and turn it on later it will again boot until the same dance begins. I am now thinking it might be the back light…what do you think….??? If these parts are not defective, you should be able gateway mt3705 get video. I turned it off and turned it back on.

You can damage the screen during the disassembly process, so do gateway mt3705 only as a last resort. I can get it to work again briefly by pressing the screen cable down next to where the inverter is and opening and closing the screen. But what a pain, this was gateway mt3705 6 hrs of work to step back in time to WinXP. Took gateawy apart again removed the bulb and turned it gateway mt3705 and the bulb lit up.

Make gqteway the video cable is seated correctly, all the way down into the connector on the motherboard.

gateway mt3705 But it worked OK without any problem. Do I need a new screen or is this gateway mt3705 else. Navigate down into the Netgear folder in the Programs folder on the root gateway mt3705 hard drive and you should be able to find a file gatewsy there called ‘NETMW Jdesants, Can you please let me know where and how I can get those drivers. As with others, the desktop is barely visible.

Gateway Drivers Download

The first one lasted exactly 3 weeks gateway mt3705 then went out. My laptop screen flicks when I pull the lit towards me… It only happens in some angles… It also happens when I turn it on gateway mt3705 moving it around.

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Inverters fail more often then backlight lamps. I am worried if I do then the screen will be blackout again! The battery on this laptop gateway mt3705 quite old and gateway mt3705 not jt3705 a charge for longer than an hour anymore. Please offer help if you know any websites, where I could get it.

PS… we did replace the powerjack.

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